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A Pride of Companies

Lionheart Consolidated – total  solutions and guaranteed customer service

Lionheart Consolidated is a pride of privately-owned Australian companies dedicated to delivering a wide variety of quality products and services, supported by reliability and forward thinking.

Being part of Lionheart Consolidated makes each of our companies stronger than as individuals, and our progressive nature and forward-thinking strategies will ensure that we go from strength to strength in the future. The fact that each of our companies can access back-end resources through a stable and centralised Head Office means that our entire organisation is more efficient and streamlined. This enables us to rapidly adapt to changing business needs and reduce our overheads, which translates directly to significant cost savings for our clients without comprising the quality, experience or high level of customer service that Lionheart is known for.

Lionheart Consolidated aims to:

  • gain trust and loyalty from our customers through exceptional customer service
  • provide better value for money than our competitors
  • increase our recognition in the marketplace
  • employ productive, passionate and motivated employees
  • promote sustainable growth for all of our companies.

The vibrancy and diversity of our companies can offer customers a total management solution which assures exceptional value for money and a new, fresh breed of customer service. Lionheart Consolidated is all about people; we choose the right people to guarantee customer satisfaction every time, no matter what your needs.

Feel free to browse our collection of brands and packages, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you require more information or assistance.


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