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About Us - Directors

Frank Lepore

Frank has owned, operated and developed businesses from the ground up for over 19 years, encompassing industries such as finance, communications, construction, hospitality and security. Frank’s extensive experience and education (including a Bachelor of Business in Accounting and Law) has developed his stringent approach to total business management, which has seen Lionheart roar to the forefront of the managed services industry.

Gerald Ackroyd

Gerald has over 15 years of experience in senior management positions within various industries such as hospitality, real estate and business consultancy. With a solid background built upon a BA Hons in Accounting and Financial Analysis and a Diploma in Leisure Management, Gerald has developed a reputation for giving companies the edge over their competition. Gerald develops sustainable, achievable strategies and spends every minute reviewing the marketplace to ensure that each company under Lionheart Consolidated is at the forefront of its particular industry.

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