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Crowd Control

Responsibilities of Lionheart Security Services personnel

  • Controlling entry into the venue
  • Monitoring and communicating on crowd or individual behaviour
  • Dealing with potentially aggressive, abusive or violent behaviour
  • Physically managing potentially aggressive, abusive or violent behaviour
  • Administering and co-ordinating “first response” first aid or critical care
  • Coordinating or assisting emergency evacuation of the venue

Crowd Control
All personnel are specifically charged with the responsibility to monitor the behaviour of all patrons while attending the venue. At all times patrons are treated in a professional and courteous manner.
Additionally, there needs to be an awareness of potential threats and hazards to the safety and security of the venue and any person, which may come from:

  • Persons under the influence of intoxicating substances
  • Persons causing a public nuisance
  • Over-crowding or a general concentration of crowds in a particular area
  • Conflicts or fights between patrons or between security staff and patrons
  • Ejection of persons
  • Bystander behaviour
  • Destruction of property

To observe and control this behaviour becomes the function of a crowd controller.

Patron Intervention

We understand the importance of having the necessary support to defuse potentially violent situations and our main objective is always to calm the situation before physical intervention becomes inevitable.

Under no circumstance is it encouraged for any employee to strike a customer. In the event that a fight develops, security personnel’s physical involvement will be limited to the necessary restraint required to escort the individuals involved from the building as quickly as possible so that other patrons are not unduly disturbed.

Alcohol and Access Control

Responsible Management of Alcohol Consumption

Correct alcohol management requires an understanding of the consequences of allowing intoxicated patrons to enter or remain on the premises. Not only is it a breach of the Liquor Act, but an intoxicated person also unsettles other patrons while they remain on the premises.

Controlling Access

An integral part of the security operation involves the orderly and efficient movement of persons throughout the entire area. In this regard, access by patrons and methods for queuing must be appropriately conducted.


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