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Personal and Asset Protection

With an increasing need to protect and preserve resources to maintain productivity and reduce risk, personal and asset protection services are paramount for any organisation or individual.

Security Guards

The physical presence of a Security Officer will improve safety and asset protection at your site. Lionheart delivers a cost-effective, reliable guarding service by highly trained and professional uniformed personnel.

Lionheart's guarding services include:

  • OH&S monitoring
  • visible patrols
  • mobile car patrols
  • external and internal property checks
  • control room monitoring
  • staff escorts
  • alarm response
  • opening and closing premises
  • machinery operation checks

A highly visible on-site presence will deter and prevent burglary and vandalism. Protect your investment 24/7 by engaging a Lionheart Security Services patrol.

Personal Protection

Personal safety is the often overlooked primary concern for many individuals. Where law enforcement is unable to provide round-the-clock security, Lionheart's specialist Personal Protection Officers will provide a superior level of close surveillance and care. Lionheart provides personal safety services to:

  • corporate executives
  • government dignitaries
  • VIP celebrities
  • sportspeople
  • entertainers and musicians
  • media personalities
  • community leaders
  • court escorts
  • intervention orders

Our highly trained personnel are selected on the basis of their experience and skills relevant to the client and at all times safety and discretion is a priority. Lionheart bodyguards are qualified and registered in Victoria. Female protection officers are available.


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