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Training and Competencies

To deploy personnel effectively, Lionheart Security selects staff based on their skills and experience. Checks are made to ensure that personnel are given tasks appropriate to their level and competence. Timetabling ensures that the best use is made of all staff and there is continuous improvement of working practices.


Lionheart security officers undergo the following Customer Service Training course:

  • Site Induction (for major client sites)
  • Posture and body language
  • Personal grooming
  • Dealing with customers – complaints handling and difficult personalities
  • Communication and teamwork
  • Aggression management techniques

Lionheart ensures that all personnel have also completed the minimum training requirements relevant to their position, such as:

  • Security Guard / Crowd Controller Licence – Certificate II and III
  • Workcover OHS General Induction
  • Traffic Management Course
  • First Aid qualification
  • Fire Warden and Emergency Evacuation Training
  • Bomb threat response training
  • Alarm and access systems training
  • Responsible Serving of Alcohol (RSA) Course
  • Control Room and Monitoring Course
  • Restraint and removal techniques

Code of Conduct

All Security Personnel will:

  • Hold a current Crowd Controller Licence with Level 3 accreditation
  • Greet and acknowledge people and maintain a positive and friendly attitude, both verbally and through body language
  • Conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism, integrity and discretion
  • Not become involved in discrimination or sexual harassment
  • Not use offensive language, mannerisms or gestures at any time
  • Not use or be under the influence of any alcohol, drugs or illegal substance whilst on or prior to being on duty
  • Inform operations manager of any problems or difficulties relating to the efficient performance of assigned duties
  • Attend any training and/or meetings as required

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